Elementor vs Elementor Pro – Unveiling the Differences and Choosing the Right

    Introduction: Understanding the Variations

Elementor and Elementor Pro are renowned page builder plugins for WordPress, but they offer different features and cater to varying user needs. This comparison aims to uncover the disparities between Elementor and Elementor Pro, aiding you in selecting the optimal option for your website.



  • Free Version: Elementor’s free iteration provides fundamental page-building tools, including a drag-and-drop editor, a diverse range of widgets and templates, and responsive design capabilities.
  • Basic Functionality: Users can create basic layouts and designs for their WordPress websites using Elementor’s free version without incurring additional costs.
  • Limited Features: While the free variant delivers essential tools for website construction, it needs some of the advanced functionalities available in Elementor Pro.

Elementor Pro


  • Premium Version: Elementor Pro represents the premium iteration of the plugin, furnishing additional features and capabilities tailored for advanced website design and development.
  • Extended Functionality: Elementor Pro encompasses all features of the free version while augmenting them with functionalities such as theme building, popup construction, WooCommerce integration, dynamic content, and advanced widgets.
  • Enhanced Customization: With Elementor Pro, users wield greater flexibility and control over their designs, enabling the creation of more intricate and personalized layouts.

Comparison Factors


  • Elementor: The free version furnishes basic page-building functionalities, while Elementor Pro provides advanced features such as theme and popup construction, dynamic content integration, and WooCommerce compatibility.
  • Elementor Pro: Offers a comprehensive suite of tools and features, facilitating the creation of professional-grade websites with sophisticated design capabilities and extensive customization options.


  • Elementor: The free version can be downloaded from the WordPress repository. In contrast, Elementor Pro operates on a subscription basis, with different pricing tiers based on the user’s requirements and budget.
  • Elementor Pro: Pricing for Elementor Pro varies depending on the selected plan, with options including personal, Plus, and Expert plans, each offering distinct levels of access and support.

Use Cases:

  • Elementor: Suited for users necessitating fundamental page-building functionalities and operating within budget constraints.
  • Elementor Pro: Ideal for users requiring advanced features and capabilities to create complex layouts, dynamic content, and custom templates for their WordPress websites.


The choice between Elementor and Elementor Pro hinges on your needs, budget, and proficiency level. If you’re a novice or have budgetary limitations, the accessible version of Elementor may suffice for your website development endeavors. However, if you demand advanced features and functionalities for intricate projects, Elementor Pro offers a comprehensive solution with enhanced customization options and extended capabilities. Evaluate your requirements and aspirations to ascertain which iteration of Elementor aligns best with your WordPress website aspirations.

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