Fiverr competitors the best freelance sites revealed 2022

Fiverr has emerged as a cornerstone for freelancers and clients seeking quick, cost-effective project transactions in the burgeoning gig economy. Founded in 2010, Fiverr revolutionized how people connect by offering a platform where services, ranging from graphic design to digital marketing, start at just five dollars. This simplicity and affordability have attracted millions of users worldwide, making Fiverr a go-to for many looking to kickstart their freelancing careers or to source talent for small tasks.

However, as the freelance landscape evolves, so do freelancers’ and their clients’ needs and expectations. This shifting dynamic underscores the importance of exploring alternative platforms. Each freelance site offers unique features and benefits, catering to different types of projects, industries, and levels of expertise. For freelancers, diversifying their presence across multiple platforms can increase their visibility and opportunities. It means a broader talent selection and potentially more tailored service offerings for clients.

As we delve into freelance platforms beyond Fiverr, we will discover how these alternatives compare, highlighting their unique advantages and why they might be a better fit for specific users. Exploring these options is not just about finding a substitute for Fiverr; it’s about expanding one’s horizons to harness the full potential of the global freelance workforce.

Things to remember: 

Before diving into freelance platforms, it’s essential to understand their unique characteristics and fee structures to match your needs and budget. Different platforms cater to various project scopes and specializations: Fiverr is great for quick gigs, while Upwork supports broader project types, and niche sites like Toptal and 99designs focus on top-tier and design-specific talents, respectively. Also, be aware of how platforms manage interactions and negotiations between clients and freelancers, as this can vary widely. Creating a robust profile or detailed project description is crucial to attracting the right collaborations. Understanding these factors will help you effectively navigate and utilize freelance platforms.


Upwork is a prominent figure in the freelance marketplace, distinctly differing from Fiverr’s predominantly gig-based model. Established from the merger of oDesk and Elance, Upwork offers a broader scope for freelancers and clients by facilitating small one-off tasks and substantial, long-term projects. This platform caters to various fields, including web development, writing, accounting, and graphic design, making it a versatile choice for professional freelancers and businesses alike.

Key Features

  • Job Bidding System: Unlike Fiverr’s fixed-price gigs, Upwork employs a bidding system in which freelancers propose their rates for posted jobs. This gives freelancers flexibility in pricing based on the project scope and their expertise.
  • Long-term Contracts: Upwork supports hourly and fixed-price contracts, but it’s particularly well-suited for long-term collaborations. This setup is ideal for clients looking to build ongoing relationships with freelancers.
  • Variety of Fields: With a vast array of categories, Upwork provides opportunities for freelancers from virtually any professional background to find relevant projects.


  • Flexibility in Negotiations: Freelancers can negotiate their rates and terms directly with clients, leading to better pricing and contract terms.
  • Potential for Stable Work: The platform’s structure is conducive to forming long-term partnerships, which can be more stable and financially rewarding for freelancers.
  • Wide Range of Opportunities: The diversity of job categories means that freelancers with specialized skills will likely find projects tailored to their expertise.


  • High Competition: The bidding system can sometimes drive prices down as freelancers worldwide compete with each other, often lowering their rates to win contracts.
  • Service Fees: Upwork charges a sliding fee scale based on earnings with a specific client, which can significantly reduce a freelancer’s earnings, especially on smaller projects.
  • Complexity for New Users: New freelancers may need help to get started and stand out among established professionals, making initial traction difficult.

Freelancer has carved out its niche in the global freelance marketplace by connecting over 31 million professionals and businesses across various disciplines. Originating in Australia, the platform has expanded its reach internationally, becoming a hub for freelancers looking for jobs and companies seeking diverse skills worldwide.

Key Features

  • Contest System: Unique to freelancers, the contest system allows clients to post a project as a contest, inviting freelancers to submit their best work in a competitive setting. This gives freelancers a chance to showcase their skills and provides clients with various choices before selecting the best submission.
  • Direct Project Bookings: Clients can browse freelancer profiles and directly book projects with individuals whose skills and portfolio match their needs. This feature simplifies the hiring process and fosters direct communication and negotiation.
  • Wide Range of Categories: Like its competitors, Freelancer supports various job categories, from traditional fields like writing and graphic design to niche areas like astrophysics or biotechnology.

Comparative Analysis with Fiverr

  • User Experience: While Fiverr is praised for its simplicity and user-friendly interface, Freelancer offers a more complex platform that caters to a wide range of project scopes and client requirements. This complexity can be a double-edged sword as it provides more flexibility and overwhelms new users.
  • Fees: Like Fiverr, freelancers charge a project fee, a percentage of the project value. However, Freelancers also allow for a broader range of project types and payment structures, which can affect the overall cost-effectiveness for both freelancers and clients.
  • Job Acquisition: On Fiverr, freelancers list packages, and clients buy them directly, which can streamline the process but limit negotiation. In contrast, Freelancer’s bidding and contest systems promote competition and can lead to better price discovery, though they may require more effort from freelancers and clients to reach an agreement.

Freelancer offers a dynamic and flexible environment suitable for a global workforce, accommodating various project types and engagement models. Its competitive edge lies in the breadth of its offerings and the direct engagement it fosters between freelancers and clients, making it a compelling alternative for those looking for more than just quick gig-style projects.


Toptal stands out in the crowded marketplace of freelance platforms by strictly positioning itself as the source of top-tier talent. Its name, short for “Top Talent,” highlights its commitment to offering only the best freelancers in software development, design, finance, and project management. This exclusive approach caters to clients, particularly startups, businesses, and even large enterprises, looking for premium quality and reliability without the overhead of traditional hiring.

Key Features

  • Rigorous Screening Process: Toptal has a highly selective screening process that evaluates candidates through tests, live screenings, and project evaluations. Only about 3% of all applicants make it through, ensuring that only the most skilled and reliable professionals are available to clients.
  • Focus on Skilled Professionals: Unlike platforms catering to all skill levels, Toptal focuses exclusively on experienced professionals. This ensures that clients have access to freelancers who are not only experts in their fields but are also accustomed to working in high-demand and high-stakes environments.


  • High-Quality Work: Clients are assured of the highest quality as the freelancers on Toptal are among the best in their respective fields, having passed a rigorous selection process.
  • Time Savings: The vetting process also saves clients time in hiring, as there is a much higher guarantee of finding a freelancer who can meet and exceed expectations without extensive searches or trials.
  • Exclusivity for Freelancers: Being part of Toptal means access to high-quality projects from serious clients willing to pay top dollar for the best services. It also elevates their professional status by being listed as top-tier talent.

Toptal’s niche strategy not only fulfills the demand for high-end freelance work but also supports freelancers who wish to position themselves at the pinnacle of the freelance economy. This exclusivity makes it a beautiful platform for qualified professionals and clients who need guaranteed expertise and reliability.

Guru provides a robust platform for freelancers and employers focusing on flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and a streamlined work process. Established as a space for freelancers of various industries, such as programming, writing, art, and legal services, Guru has carved out its niche by offering tools and features that enhance workflow efficiency and communication between freelancers and clients.

Key Features

  • WorkRooms: Guru’s WorkRooms feature facilitates project management by allowing teams to collaborate, share files, and communicate in a centralized virtual space. This tool helps keep projects organized and on track, enhancing the overall workflow.
  • Payment Security Options: Guru’s SafePay system provides security for payments, ensuring that funds are available before work starts. Clients deposit funds into SafePay, which are only released to the Freelancer upon work approval, safeguarding both parties.
  • Flexible Job Terms: Guru offers a high degree of flexibility in job terms, supporting various contract types, including fixed-price, hourly, task-based, or long-term. This allows freelancers and clients to tailor the working relationship to suit their needs and project requirements.

Cost-Effectiveness and Freelancer Control

  • Cost-Effectiveness: Guru’s fee structure is competitive, offering lower fees than other platforms. This makes it an attractive option for freelancers and clients looking to maximize their budgets. Additionally, its quote system allows freelancers to adjust their bids based on the project scope and client budget, which can lead to more cost-effective arrangements.
  • Freelancer Control: Guru freelancers have significant control over how they manage their work, from setting their own terms and negotiating directly with clients to choosing payment schedules that suit their cash flow needs. This level of control is a substantial benefit, particularly for seasoned freelancers who prefer to tailor their working conditions.


PeoplePerHour, a UK-based freelance platform, has successfully differentiated itself in the crowded marketplace by focusing on project-based work catering to short-term and extended projects. Launched in 2007, the platform was designed to connect clients with freelancers across various fields, such as digital marketing, writing, graphic design, and web development, emphasizing quality and efficiency.

Key Features

  • Project-Based Work: Unlike platforms offering per-hour engagements, PeoplePerHour allows freelancers to submit proposals for specific projects, ranging from quick tasks to comprehensive campaigns or development projects.
  • Proposal System: Freelancers on PeoplePerHour create tailored proposals for each project they are interested in. This system encourages freelancers to provide details about their approach and pricing, which helps clients make informed decisions.
  • In-Site Communication Tools: Robust communication tools within the platform facilitate seamless interaction between clients and freelancers, ensuring all project details are discussed and agreed upon without needing external tools.

Unique Selling Points

  • Flexibility in Services: PeoplePerHour offers remarkable flexibility, allowing freelancers to package their services in ways that highlight their unique skills and expertise. This flexibility attracts diverse clients, from small businesses to larger enterprises.
  • Hourlies: One of PeoplePerHour’s distinctive features is “hourlies,” which are fixed-priced offers that freelancers can set up to showcase specific services they can deliver within a set timeframe. This feature is particularly appealing for clients needing quick turnarounds.

Best Use Cases

  • Short-term Projects and Quick Tasks: Given its structure, PeoplePerHour is ideal for clients needing specific tasks completed quickly, such as logo design, article writing, or website audits.
  • Custom Projects: The proposal system makes it suitable for more customized or complex projects where the client’s needs are unique and the project scope requires a bespoke approach.


99designs is a global platform tailored for designers, providing a unique marketplace where creativity meets opportunity. This platform focuses solely on design services, including logo design, book covers, web design, etc. It serves as a niche environment where designers can thrive, whether just starting out or seasoned professionals.

Key Features

  • Design Contests: One of 99designs’s most defining features is its design contest system. Clients post a brief describing their project, and designers submit their concepts. The client then chooses the best design, which fosters a competitive spirit and allows designers to showcase their creativity to potential long-term clients.
  • Direct Hires: 99designs offers a direct hire option for clients who prefer a more traditional engagement model. This allows clients to browse through designer portfolios and select a designer whose style and experience fit their project needs.
  • Collaboration Tools: The platform includes advanced tools that facilitate communication and collaboration directly within the site, making revisions and finalization smooth and efficient.


  • Diverse Opportunities for New Designers: 99designs offers new designers a great platform to build a portfolio and gain exposure in a competitive market. The contest format can be particularly beneficial, as it provides real-world experience and feedback from potential clients.
  • Professional Growth for Experienced Designers: Experienced designers benefit from the ability to secure higher-paying projects and direct hire opportunities. The platform also offers them a way further to establish their brand and expertise in the design community.
  • Creative Freedom: Designers on 99designs enjoy a high degree of creative freedom, allowing them to experiment with different styles and concepts, which is crucial for artistic growth and satisfaction.

A comparison table that includes the pricing structure for freelancers and a brief description comparing the six sites can provide a clear overview for those deciding which platform to use.

Platform Pricing to Hire Freelancers Description
Upwork Variable; typically 5% – 20% fee Suitable for both short-term and long-term projects across a variety of fields, with a job bidding system that offers flexibility in pricing.
Freelancer Variable; typically 3% or $3 minimum Offers a global reach with a unique contest system and direct project bookings, making it versatile for various project sizes.
Toptal No fixed rate; pricing varies based on talent level Focuses on top-tier talent with a rigorous screening process, ideal for high-quality professional work.
Guru 2.9% – 8.95% handling fee on payments Emphasizes a professional environment with flexible job terms and a secure payment system through SafePay.
PeoplePerHour Service fee ranges; typically around 20% for new freelancers Known for project-based work with a strong proposal system, allowing for detailed and customized project pitches.
99designs Fixed packages or contest pricing Specializes in design services with a contest-based system, offering a range of creative solutions from various designers.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What makes Upwork different from Fiverr?

  • Upwork focuses on a wider variety of projects, including long-term contracts, and allows freelancers to bid on jobs, which provides flexibility in pricing and project scope. On the other hand, Fiverr is known for its gig-based model, which offers services at fixed prices.

2. How does the contest system on Freelancer benefit clients?

  • The contest system on Freelancer enables clients to post a project and get various submissions from freelancers. This provides clients with a range of creative options to choose from and enables them to gauge the quality and creativity of the freelancers before making a hiring decision.

3. Is Toptal only suitable for large businesses and enterprises?

  • While Toptal is designed to cater to businesses seeking top-tier talent and typically attracts startups and enterprises, it is also suitable for any client that requires high-quality expertise and is willing to invest in premium freelance talent for their projects.

4. Can new freelancers find opportunities on Guru?

  • Yes, new freelancers can find opportunities on Guru. The platform offers a variety of projects and allows new freelancers to gradually build their reputations. Start with smaller projects to establish credibility before tackling more significant, intricate tasks.

5. What are the advantages of using 99Designs for design projects?

  • 99Designs specializes in design projects and offers a unique contest model that lets clients view multiple design concepts before choosing the best. This platform is ideal for clients who want a variety of design options and for designers who wish to showcase their creativity and compete for projects.

Resource Guide for Freelance Platforms

  1. Upwork – Upwork Official Site
    • Upwork offers a flexible job bidding system, making it ideal for both short-term tasks and long-term contracts across a wide range of fields. The site suits professionals looking for more significant, ongoing projects.
  2. Freelancer – Freelancer Official Site
    • As one of the largest freelance marketplaces, Freelancer provides opportunities through direct project bookings and a unique contest system catering to a global talent pool.
  3. Toptal – Toptal Official Site
    • Specializing in connecting clients with the top 3% of freelancers in areas such as software development, design, and finance, Toptal is ideal for businesses looking for high-quality professionals.
  4. Guru – Guru Official Site
    • Guru provides a flexible and secure platform for freelance workers and employers. It emphasizes a streamlined work process and features like WorkRooms for efficient project management.
  5. PeoplePerHour – PeoplePerHour Official Site
    • Focused on project-based work, PeoplePerHour allows freelancers to submit proposals tailored to specific client projects, making it ideal for customized work.
  6. 99designs – 99designs Official Site
    • This platform is a haven for designers, offering a creative contest environment where clients can choose from a plethora of design submissions. This is perfect for finding unique, high-quality visual content.

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